Which Character Code Are You?

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Take the Quiz online to see which Character Code most describes you.

In 5 minutes or less you’ll know! Jump in…


Access the Character Code Quiz HERE!

This isn’t about who you think you “should” be as one Character Code isn’t better than the other. Answer honestly to make it effective based on what is true for you, and not based on what you think would be a better choice or some habit you want to change or a new skill you want to develop.

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Click HERE to see the ALL Character Codes in color and access the overview.



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So share with us in a COMMENT below which Character Code you think you are. Want to take it a step further…who do you think you would like as a client? Do share and let us know!

Inspiring confidence,

Brandy + Vinca

Brandy Mychals and Vinca Heart know what it means to attract the right clients and build unstoppable business success in record time! Mychals is the creator of the Character Code® System for client attraction & is publishing her book, How to Read a Client from Across the Room with McGraw-Hill Fall 2012. Heart is the creator of the Money Code™ System for High End Sales Success & specializes in serving celebrity & CEO clientele. Together they are known for their big hearts & behind-the-scenes savvy to make the impossible not only possible, but a way of life! Join them LIVE and see for yourself what everyone is raving about!

Read the comments or Add yours

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  5. After attending the workshop in May with Brandy I was fascinate by the Character Code system and how I could apply it to our business and clients. I have taken the quiz – and have almost finished reading Brandy’s book. Will likely get to the end and start again at the beginning to deepen my understanding of the Character Codes. As I read each code I tried to see where family members and friends fit in. That was enlightening. It is also fun to look at people as they walk by and try to identify their Character Code. The next step is to apply my knowledge of the “codes” to how I sell to each Character Code that comes along. Thanks Brandy and Vinca. Hope to meet you again some day. Thank you Kathryn for getting me involved.

  6. Jolen says:

    Wow! Who knew my cheerleader out shines my activist side, but the shocker was how much I was class president and artist.

  7. Brandy,
    I have always struggled to clarify which CC i am. i have thought i am primarily activist/cheerleader although i have strong CP and artist moments. At the Speaker Secrets Bootcamp i had a huge AH-HA moment that i have an actress that i am hiding! The test confirms my blend of CC that will keep people guessing depending on my environment or mood. :-)
    i do declare it is time to bring my actress out to play!
    Actress: 10.75
    Artist: 10.25
    Activist: 10.25
    Cheerleader 8.5
    CP: 8
    Scholar: 6
    With love,
    chris arcucci
    Who says a woman can’t cultivate her superpowers in a dress?!

  8. Nicole says:

    I love this quiz, and I circulate it around to my friends. It confirmed what I already know about myself: Artist comes in first, Class President second, Scholar third. Class President and Scholar are close, but Class President wins.

    Even though I seem to have a Scholarly presence sometimes, the bottom line is that I’m good at networking, good at small talk (don’t love it, but still good at it), am not orderly at all, HATE routine, and LOVE fashion. All are not Scholar traits.

    About fashion, I used to wear nothing but black. My poor mom hated that. Family couldn’t get my obsession with trendiness and fashion. I used to subscribe to 5 high fashion magazines, shop at all the trendy botiques in The City, and pay Top Dollar for the best hairdressers in San Francisco. I love fashion so much that I’d rather be uncomfortable and suffer as long as I look good!

    Oh, I just realized that I said “bottom line” earlier. That wasn’t intentional!

  9. Nancy Dadami says:

    I liked the quiz! And I liked seeing the short list of characteristics of all the codes right in one place. I think the quiz adds more depth to the system. People like to take a quiz when figuring out things about themselves….this fills the bill. Thanks

  10. Sylviaette Hill says:

    This was really cool and quite brilliant! As a CP/Actor taking the short quiz and getting to the bottom line was great! My ideal clients are cheerleaders and activists. I’m so excited to be learning from Brandy and Vinca. It was fun and empowering to share this concept with my friend yesterday. Thanks Brandy and Vinca!

  11. Jennifer Sebastian says:

    After learning about the Character Codes I knew which I seemed to identify with the most but felt like I needed confirmation somehow. This quiz gave me that! The questions really sum up the main characteristics of each code in a very simple way. I’ve passed this on to a few people I know!

    Jennifer Sebastian
    Founder of Bella Viola

  12. This is so cool Brandy! I love the Quiz – it brings more clarity to Who I Am…. Since attending my first event last year, discovering about the Character Code System I have been amazed about accurate it is in describing my personality! Yes – I am an “Activist, Cheerleader, Class President”….

    Seeing the questions and being able to tie that in to the entire Character Code System is an important step in helping entrepreneurs and business owners to identify their ideal clients AND even more importantly creating the marketing, content, and relationship that attracts your ideal clients.

    I encourage everyone to take the quiz, attend the event and see for yourself how you can expand your business by knowing Your Character Code!

    As always,
    Georgianne Pillsbury
    “Transforming Your Relationship With Money From The Inside Out”


  13. Rebecca Hall Gruyter says:

    Brandy, I love the quiz!

    I think it will give people a lot of clarity in trying to figure out who they are. As a Master Trainer of the Character Code(TM) System, I have frequently been asked if they could just take a quiz to figure out their code. I believe this will be a great tool to help my clients grasp a greater understanding of themselves as well as those they want to serve.

    Thank you for the valuable tool!

    Rebecca Hall Gruyter
    Founder of Your Purpose Driven Practice and Creator of Your Success Formula

  14. There is nothing quite like a quiz. Being able to identify ourselves and others is a gift that keeps giving in so many ways. As a Character Code™ Coach I relish the confidence that my clients gain by knowing who they are and recognizing their family and friends. Life is not a fight when you know who you are. I am an artist and knowing that for sure has helped tremendously. My clients are Cheerleader/ Activist.

    Jennifer Duchene
    The Polite Woman’s Guide to Power

  15. Violetta says:

    This is a very interesting quiz , I am sure it will get a lot of attention and quickly be popular! It is much easier to get the idea who we are …You may place this test on the website :
    http://www.allthetests.com/ or for nerdtest.com and get even more interest :-) people like quizzes !

  16. I love the quiz too! Makes it very simple :) As a Character Code™ Coach I love when my clients understand both themselves and others better and when they get clear on who THEY like to work with. This system is unlike any other profiling system in that you can visually see which character code a person is. Just brilliant as always.
    Louise Edington
    The Networking Naturopath

  17. I love this Quiz! It also is a clever way to give a brief overview and create much curiosity! Since I’m a Master Trainer of the Character Code(TM) System, I know the value of the distinctions in the 6 Character Codes as it relates to our personal and business relationships, branding, marketing and quite frankly, just for having a better understanding of Our Selves!
    Well done Brandy and Vinca, and, as always I value our partnership!

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