Question 1

Character Code Profile

You want to check items off done before you can relax or play

You are more of a loner but will jump in to fight for the underdog

You’re always up for a party, night out with friends, or the next fun adventure

You often correct people’s spoken grammar, catch typos & like to follow the rules

You've been told by others that you are just too loud, too bold, too bossy or hogging all the attention

You know you are different from everyone around you - you don't fit in and people just don't get you

Often it seems like the world is racing by too fast and too loudly

You like your routine, predictability, order and don't appreciate surprises

You've been known to say "yes" to too many people, too many things and then feel overwhelmed with everything to do

You have high standards, want it done a certain way and find it difficult to trust others to do the job as well as you could

It is really important that you are comfortable in your clothing, your environment and don't feel constricted

You are very direct, don't mince your words and don't worry about being polite when you have something to say

Anything is more fun with a friend and you are unlikely to ever attend a movie by yourself or go out to dinner alone

You never forget someone who slighted you or made you feel wrong

You need to retreat from the world, in your head or physically to your own private space away from the chaos

The majority of your clothing is black or a dark, solid color and that suits you just fine

If there's a contest you want to win it and like to be first in everything you do

You desire feeling connected to people more than power or prestige

You want everything to be original and hate anything that seems "cookie-cutter", template, or pre-fabricated

You want to know the "bottom line" and not hear the whole story or explanation

You'll spend hours perfecting a project before you declare it done, even if it means it delays the project

You always want to be noticed and prefer to wear revealing clothes that make you feel sexy

You are a great listener and can talk to friends for hours about the meaning of life and other deep subjects

You can get easily distracted from getting items done or feel overwhelmed

You wear clothing that sets you apart, shows your unique style, personality and that you are an individual

You make decisions based on logic and reason and not on emotions

You are focused, task-driven, like to control the situation and often come across as serious or stern

You take your time to get to know people and feel a connection on a deep, spiritual level

You don't have any problem telling people what you think even if it means being blunt

You can't stand feeling bored and are always looking for the next, new exciting adventure to keep you entertained

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